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Electric ceramic band heater

Rating Follow SPEC custom
Pipe Material Stainless steel and ceramic Material
Type Ceramic heater
Diamenter Least supprt 60MM
Outer diameter Follow spec custom
Screw material Stainless steel
Resistance wire OCr25A15
Shape Coil

Product Description

Ceramic Band Heaters offer longer heater life, high processing temperature capabilities and full

flexibility for ease of installation.

This is all mounted into a stainless steel casing with serrated edges. This  provides strength and great flexibility such that the heater can be fully opened for ease of

installation. Ceramic Band Heaters transmit heat both through conduction and radiation. Due to this effect, the fit is not as critical as with other types of band heaters.

These are available with a number of lead wire options, threaded terminals, terminal boxes and standard plugs for electrical wiring. They can be made in a large variety of

sizes, multiple segment and clamping styles.



Clamping tyles 1. Built in barrel nut
2. flange lock up
Terminal tyles 1. Nozzle stles
2. Fiberglass leads with armor cable
3. Threaded terminal
4. Ceramic terminal
5. Sheet metal terminal box
6. Standard power plug


When Ordering please specify
(1). Type of Heater
(2). Wattage and Voltage
(3). Dia & length of the heater
(4). Drawing or Sample required for special configuration



Specifications Applications Features & Benefits Literature & Downloads Image

•Heating barrels of plastic injection molding machines and extruders
•Die and die holder heating of plastic extruders and blow molding machines
•Burn-out ovens
•Heated kettles
•Fluidized beds
•Heat treating pipes
•Any application requiring heat applied to a cylindrical surface




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