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Electric Finned Heating Element Application And Advantage

Source: Author: admin Time: 2014.11.05

Electric Finned Heating Element Application And Advantage



Electric finned heating element means wounding on some metal heat fins in the original heating element, to expand heating area through the heat fins, and thus playing a role in accelerating the heat. Electric finned heating element is made ??of high standard stainless steel, modified protactinium oxide powder, high electric resistance alloy wire, stainless steel fins, etc and other materials.


Electric finned heating tube is suitable for the oven, bake heating machinery manufacturing, automotive, textile, food, air or space heating appliances and other places.


Compared with other forms of heating pipe, finned heating element has the following characteristics:

1 heating medium is typically air.

2 heating area expand 2-3 times than ordinary heating pipes and the surface load is also 2-3 times.

3 under the same power conditions, they are fast heating, even heating, good thermal performance, high thermal efficiency, long life, small size and low cost.


Electric finned heating element design and customization:

1 heating pipe material: The main materials are SUS304, SUS321, SUS316 and so on.

2 tube diameter: can be customized as per customer requirements 4-25MM.

3 tube length: can be 2500MM.

4 the size of the fins also can be customized.

5 Others: center distance, fasteners, gaskets, thread, etc. can be customized according to customer requirements





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