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Why does the electric heating tubes heat slowly?

Source: Author: admin Time: 2014.11.11

Whether used for civil or industrial electric heating pipes, there are many people who have doubts on why these heaters heating time becomes longer, why electric heating pipe heating slow problem happen? Most people think that is because they are damaged or the heating pipe quality problem. In fact, electric heating tube heating slowly for many reasons, as the following description:


1 length of heating time is usually proportional to the electric tube with power, the greater the power, the shorter heating time, so, you have to choose the suitable wattage heater before using.


2 In the case of heating water, the heating tube surface prone to scale easily due to water quality, a scale can cause decreasing of the thermal efficiency of the heating tube. So, after a long time of heating, you have to consider the water quality problem.


3 The changes of the heating environment, whether in liquid or air heating, the design must take into account the initial temperature of the heating due to the heating of the environment can not be absolutely consistent with the starting time so that the temperature of the heating changes in longer or shorter, so when taking into account the situation, we normally make higher power to ensure proper heating efficiency.


4 The long uninterrupted using can also lead to slower electric heating pipe, why? The reason is very simple, because nowadays most of the heating pipe heating principle is the internal resistance heats, and the heat transfer. In long time high temperature working, resistance wire resistance becomes larger which easily cause heating slow.



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