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How to install heating element?

Source: Author: admin Time: 2014.11.26

In the application process of industrial heating element, we can either insert it into the heating holes directly to work such as mold heater, or fix it with a flange or thread like flanged heater. Today we will discuss how to fix heater to the industrial equipment.


1. Mold heater

Most mold heaters do not need to be fixed, which can be inserted into the hole then heat.

2. Cartridge heater

Cartridge heaters include common heating rod, L shaped heater, screwed heater, etc.

Common heating rod is a straight heater with lead wire. The installation method is to directly mount it on the bracket. Some may fix it by fixing.

L shaped heater can be inserted into the heating environment as well.

Screwed heater can be installed by screwing it in. Usually it is used to heat liquid. If there is requirement on seal, welding is applicable, too. 

3. U shaped heater & flanged heater

U shaped heater usually comes with fastener for installation.

Flanged heater literally is installed with flange. Flange includes adapting flange (fixing with bolt) and welding flange. Usually under the circumstance of low pressure or seal requirement is not strict,


We can see that actually most double ends need to be installed with fasteners, while single end heater can be used directly. 



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