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The effect of heater’s surface load on resistance wire

Source: Author: admin Time: 2014.12.01

The surface load of heating wire refers to the watt on every resistance wire unit area. Its unit is w/cm².


Some customers do not know much about the surface load of resistance wire and nor pay much attention on it. Actually the surface load is very important, which determines the heat resistance wire gives out, the speed of temperature rising, lifespan of the resistance wire, etc.


Under the condition of same power, the surface load is higher; the size of resistance wire can be lower, which saves material. But the surface load is inversely proportional ton the lifespan of heating wire. If the surface load is too high, the lifespan will be shorter, which does not save material but waste it. Some people buy heaters pursuing only high watt. We should also pay attention to the surface load.


The surface load is also closely related to heating wire’s material, specs, conformation, working temperature, heat radiation, working condition, etc. 



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