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Why choose sus304 over other stainless steel for heating element?

Source: Author: admin Time: 2014.12.21

Recently some customers ask us about the reason for choosing stainless steel 304 as our main material for heating element as they think that other materials like sus201 is a good replacement. More importantly, materials like sus201 are much cheaper in cost. Today we will discuss about sus304 over other heaters deeply.

SUS304 is made of 18Cr-9Ni. It is the most widely used materials in heating element industry. Containing comparatively more chromium, sus304 is matt in surface and does not rust.

Sus304 is characterized with better heat resistance, more resistant to dry heating, and more advanced manufacturing technology. There is a big difference in its performance among all stainless steels. The key point is the content of nickel which is excellent corrosion resistant material. SUS304 heater with nickel is better in performance than other stainless steel heater. That’s why incoloy800, incoloy840, SUS316 is much better at anti-corrosion. Nickel is 30% in incoloy800 and sus304 while it is 20% in incoloy840. SUS201, however, has lower nickel content, making heater burst easily thought cheap in price.

Then we can see, sus304 is a second to none choice if you want a heater with longer lifespan and better performance.

If you are looking for good heater to increase your work efficiency, improve your products or encountering any problem in using heating element, please contact us. We will try our best to help you. 



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