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Boiler Heating Element

Source: Author: admin Time: 2015.01.04

Boiler heater is mainly made ??of steel flanges, heat pipes, access to water and testing instruments and other components. Boiler heater has two ways to heating-Electromagnetic induction heating and resistance heating (heat element). Due to the electromagnetic induction heating method for indirect heating, heat efficiency is low and therefore, about 96%. The high resistance heating (heat pipe) mode thermal efficiency, up to 98%. Resistance heating (metal heating tube) mode which uses resistive heating tubular heating elements (heat pipe), superimposed on the structure of the combination is easy, flexible control, easy to replace. Currently electric boiler basically using resistive heating tubular heating elements.


About heating method, the electrical characteristics of the water in the boiler is notcharged.According to national standards, the leakage current should not exceed 0.5mA. Therefore, the electrical wiring should be located leakage protection.


Heating element is the heart of the boiler, and its performance is directly related to the electric boiler performance is good or bad.Electric heating pipe is generally used in tubular form, made ??of metal stainless steel pipe, nickel-chromium alloy heating wire, lead rods, connectors and magnesium seat fillers and other components. In general, the service life of the electric heating tube is about 10000-30000 hours. Electric heating tube life depends primarily on the electric heating tube material, surface heat load and oeration and management leve of users. Electric heating tube is nickel-chromium stainless steel pipe, surface heat load of 6-9 W / cm2. Additionally, electric heating tube the rated electric power is also a very important performance indicators. At rated conditions, according to the national standard, the absolute value of the electric power should not exceed 5% deviation.


Boiler heater connections,general three-phase, symmetrically connected in star (Y) or triangle (△). Divided into two or more groups according to the capacity size.



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