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What are the important components of electric heater?

Source: Author: admin Time: 2014.10.07
  1. Electric heating wire, for a good heating tube, one of the most important parts is the electric heating wire. Electric heating wire made ??of different materials and different heating tubes has a lot of difference in their prices. General electric tube diameter: ф6 ~ ф23㎜. The production experience tells us that, according to the use environment for scientific heating tube structure designed to improve the safety and using life of electric tube.
  2. We all know that electric heating tube is very important. Its heat-resistant seamless stainless steel tube 304,316,321, incoloy800 etc., temperature greater than 700 ℃. Different input power requirements of its different heating pipes and power applications. Generally the most common is 220V, 380V, more customized according to customer demand.
  3. Now we are required to have a longer service life of electric heaters. In fact, there is a very high demand on the internal structure of the design heating elements. Our Dongguan Detai Electronical Co.,Ltd imported high-purity magnesium rod and filling materials, with high thermal conductivity.





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