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Heater does not heat, is it broken yet?

Source: Author: admin Time: 2014.10.07

here are several reasons for the heating tube doesn’t heating, now we look at a simple analysis as following:


  1. Heating element doesn’t heating means does not work, check the heating element, if you find electric tube lead sheet or lead wires off. Immediately turn off the power. Re-weld the electric tube lead sheet or lead wires. Turn on the power, then everything will be working properly.
  2. Industrial electric tube installed above a thermostat in order to easy control. Such a heating element does not heat that maybe the thermostat contacts have probably bad or seizure disengaged. If replacing the adjustable temperature controller for a replacement one, if that still does not work, you should buy a new one.
  3. Begin with the power supply, firstly to determine whether a power outage or forget to inserted plug, check whether the plug and socket contacts well. Determine if everything is normal but heating pipes do not work, indicating the heating element is broken.







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