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Ceramic heating lamp

Source: Author: admin Time: 2014.10.10

High-tech ceramic heating lamp especially for reptiles is technically designed and professionally processed. Its working hour is not lower than 10000hrs. Usually called far infrared ceramic heater, it is based on ceramic with high quality heating wire wound inside. Ceramic heaters provide sun-like natural infrared heat for reptiles, which heats only without light. Compared with common heating pad, ceramic heater not only work longer time, but also is safer and easier for application.

Ceramic heater is a natural heat radiating source which can penetrate reptiles’ muscles, dilate blood vessels and promote blood circulation. It does not emit light and will not affect animal’s sleep. It can heat for tropical and desert reptiles the whole day, also work well under environment of high humidity. Ceramic heat lamp is widely used in vacuum forming machine, tobacco dryer, automotive interior molding machines, medical equipment, printing ink drying oven, paint curing oven, board radiant heating, heating tables, pet heating, kitchen heating, health care, etc.

Model           Size(mm)           Volt(v)           Watt(w)

DL-1-40          40*108             110/240            50

DL-1-75          75*108             110/240           50-150

DL-1-85          85*108             110/240           50-250

DL-1-90          90*108             110/240           50-300

DL-1-125         125*108             110/240          50-500




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