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How to choose heating element, economic and environmental?

Source: Author: admin Time: 2014.10.21

In China, the major energy structure is based on coal, oil. Adjusting energy structure, strengthening energy saving for the future protection of the environment and people's life philosophy played a significant role.


The general heating method has two main types: combustion heating and electricity. In china, the main heating method is burning coal due to energy structure. Compared to traditional fuel heating, electricity heating (electric tube) has a great advantage.


First, a thermal efficiency:

1 fuel heating: the thermal efficiency of coal is about 12% -20%, the thermal efficiency of the liquid fuel is approximately 20% -40%, the thermal efficiency of the gas fuel is about 50% to about 60, the thermal efficiency of the steam is approximately 45% -60%.

2 electric heating: electric thermal efficiency of about 50% -95%, so that relative to other forms of heating, high thermal efficiency of the heating pipes


Second, energy saving and environmental protection:

1 due to electric heating pipe heating without burning oxygen, so, comparing with other forms of heating, it has the advantage of no soot, oil, no gas emissions, pollution and other hygienic.

2 Due to the high thermal efficiency of electric heating, it has higher energy efficiency and energy saving.


Third, the environmental requirements:

1 space requirements: electric heating tube can be heated in a small space, the small space heating is required, can be quickly heated in a small space, it has a small footprint characteristics.

Electrical heating tube doesn’t consume oxygen when heated, and it does not produce gas, oxygenated air requirement is not, it can be heated in a closed, oxygen-free environment.


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