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Electric heating rods application on industry and machinery.

Source: Author: admin Time: 2014.11.05

Electric heating rods application on industry and machinery.

Electric heating rods includes a fast heating speed, small size, high wattage load, high temperature characteristics, relative to the other heating element. They are very suitable for mold and mechanical equipment field, especially for some of the limited heating space for mechanical mold devices with easy installation and rapid heating characteristics.


Electric heating rods applicable areas:

     In addition to in the vast application of mold industry, they are also been but in the fast-sealing machine, shoe, hat machinery, tobacco machinery, thermoforming equipment, die casting pipes, pipe machinery, pharmaceutical equipment, plastic mold and other fields.


The electrical heating rod design parameters:

1 Diameter: 6-25MM.

2 Material: 304 stainless steel tubing.

3 Design voltage: 12V-240V.

4 Power load: 1W / cm2 ~ 17W / cm2.

5 Tube length: 15MM-2500MM.

6 Installation: Thread type, flange type, and so on.

7 Terminal: high-temperature wire, fiberglass wire, etc

 (Electric heating rods can be customized according to customer needs and make reasonable suggestions in the above design)


The significance of designing electric heating rods:

Single-head electric heating tube interior design should be reasonable and effective, it should use high-purity magnesium oxide powder as a filler material. With high thermal conductivity, reasonable internal distribution, heat evenly, fast heating, cooling fast, stable quality, long life, with a reasonable design and advanced technology, the produced a single head heating tube, it’s stable quality, safe, and long service life.






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