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ULWD 230v 4500w electric foldback water heater element

Flange Size 2"Tri-Clamp
Rating 4500w
Pipe Material SUS304
Diameter 8mm
Dimension 300mm*380mm
Shape Foldback

Product Description

Product Description

Detai water heater element are constructed by brazing or welding elements into a hex pipe thread. These are intended for direct immersion into fluids and gases. water heater element is to be installed via a threaded port in the tank or vessel. water heater element are available in a variety of pipe thread sizes and materials. water heater element are offered in a number of materials suited to a variety of fluid heating applications. Terminal housings are available for indoor, outdoor and hazardous environments. Many options are available. Since we are a made to order company, we can offer a large selection of sizes and configurations. Please contact us for assistance with your application.


Product Applications

1. Heating heat transfer fluids
2. Heating medium and lightweight oils.
3. Heating water in tanks.
4. Pressure vessels.
5. Freeze protection of any fluids.
6. Food processing equipment.
7. Cleaning and rinsing equipment.

8. Beverage equipment
9. Used in many other applications.



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