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Flat Tubular Heater Deep Fryer Heating Element

Rating 240V 7000W
Pipe Material SUS304;SUS316;sus321
Resistance wire OCr25A15
Terminals cable
Dimension 335*145*230mm (L*W*H)
Color White
Shape Custom

Product Description

Detai fryer heating element unique flat surface geometry packs more power in shorter elements and assemblies, along with a host of other performance improvements. These include:
-Minimizing coking and fluid degrading
-Enhancing the flow of fluid past the element's surface to carry heat from the sheath
-Improving heat transfer with a significantly larger boundary layer allowing much more liquid to flow up and across the sheath's surface



Specifications: Flat Tubular Heater Deep Fryer Heating Element
Sheath Material(SUS304, SUS316, Incoloy800)
240v 7000w
Cable(Glass Fibre Leads, Silicon Rubber Leads, PTFE Leads, Ceramic Beaded Leads, Braided Leads and Conduits)
High temperature Leads 2000mm
Resistance Tolerance
+10% - 5%
Nickel - Chrome
Detai fryer heating element can be customized. Contact us for more information!


Specifications Applications Features & Benefits Literature & Downloads Image

1.Fryer machine
2.Gas heating appliance
3.Any other Oil-based Application



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