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Detai Finned Tube Are always Heating

Source: Author: admin Time: 2014.11.17

Detai,with over 19 years experience in heating element line,are a professional manufactory in Dongguan China.Our finned tube can be used in industrial appliance and kitchen appliance,including drying oven,air duct and air conditional,etc.

Heating elements are often used in the heating equipment, the heating tube various due to the different types are used in different environments and equipment to be used.


Working Principle

Housing material of finned heating tube made ??of stainless steel, fin material is galvanized or stainless steel tape, finned heating tube wound in the main strip wound fin fin and square fins. Overall the same material can be used, but also can be used with different kinds of materials. By a special process the strip (metal heat sink) tightly wrapped around the metal pipe on the outside, thereby greatly increasing the cooling area (compared with ordinary element cooling area expanded 2 to 3 times), and thus play a role in accelerating the heat. High fin tube heating power density, high temperature operation, the power lead is placed at both ends for easy connection can also be made pluggable terminal type, soft lead and other wiring easier. Due to the shorter length of the element, making itself the heat loss is reduced, at the same power condition is heating up fast, even heating, thermal performance, high thermal efficiency.


Common finned heating tube type: 
   W-type finned heating tube, U-finned heating pipes with insulation finned tubes, straight finned heating tube, square finned dry heating pipe, the first single finned heating tube, multiple U-finned heating tubes.

Above is a brief introduce of fin tube heating element,know more onformation by click on



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