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Detai New product Silicon Heating Pad

Source: Author: admin Time: 2014.11.17

To meet our customer’s demand,our Dongguan Detai Electrical Appliance CO.,LTD,are reseach and development a new heating pads,silicon rubber heating pad.


The mains features and appliance of silicon rubber heating pad:


Temperature Rating

400°F(204°C)maximum operating

Size Limitations

Maximum width of 48 inches, length as you required


~0.06 inch(Single-Ply)~0.12 inch(Dual-Ply)


Any AC or DC


Customer specified(Normal maximum of 5 watts of 5 watts per square inch)

Power lead wire

Silicone rubber, SJ Power Cord, or Teflon insulated stranded wire


Hooks, lacing eyelets, Or Velcro closure. Temperature control(Thermostat)



1. Silicon Rubber Heating Pad/Sheet has advantages of thinness, lightness, sticky and flexibility.

2. It can improve heat transfer, accelerate warming and decrease power under the process of operation.

3. They are heating fast and thermal conversion efficiency high.


1.      Composite bonding processes

2.      Food processing equipment

3.      Thermal transfer equipment

4.      Prevent condensation in motors or instrument cabinets

5.      Drums and other vessels and viscosity control and asphalt storage

6.      Computer peripherals such as laser printers, duplicating machines

7.      Others


The electric heating pad has individuallu automatic thermal control system,are safe and reliable warm any part part of body.We are professional manufactory in heating element line over 20 yeas,we has CE,UL,SGS,ROHS,ISO,etc certificated our quality.Sample order is welcome,and our price and service are guaranteed and recogized by our customer all over the world.





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