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Source: Author: admin Time: 2015.02.09

Ceramic heating lamp can reduce the trapping heat and charring of inside the equipment. It has over 10000 hours’ working life which is more than twice compared to similar products. The special waterproof design makes it suitable for high-humidity atmosphere. The frequently used voltage ranges from 110v to 240v with wattage of 50w, 60w, 75w, 100w, 150w and 200w. The ceramic heating lamp is cast-in heaters with features of no oxidation, impact resistant, safety and sanitation, without drop colored glaze.


Product Configuration and Performance


Element structure of ceramic heating lamp: electric ceramic heating lamp was sintered by high radiant enamel layer, excellent thermal shock performance ceramics and high quality heating wire.


1.       Primary Structure: comprised by excellent thermal shock performance ceramics.

2.       Heating Performance: fired by high quality nickel-collaterals alloy wire.

3.       Enamel Layer: made by high far-infrared radiant metallic oxide and moderate additive which increase radiance and reinforce adaptation of glaze


Several questions about raising reptilian with ceramic heating lamp:

Ceramic heating lamp, reptile heating lamp and far-infrared heating lamp are heating by infrared ray which is a thermal radiation source. It can penetrate muscle, dilate the blood vessels and promote blood circulation. But it can not give out light or affect pets’ sleep and fit the all-day heating for tropical and desert reptile. Since the ceramic heating lamp is very helpful to healthy growth of reptilian, it is always favored by raisers of reptilian.

But some reptilian lovers reflect that the heating result of ceramic heating lamp is similar to that of microwave oven, though it can keep warm but harmful to reptilian’ health. This is a misunderstanding. Simply speaking, the working principle of microwave oven is to make the water molecule in both inside of objects and air exercise strenuously and produce a similar result of fictional heating. While heating by ceramic lamp is kind of radiation sources, lamp in itself will generate heat and won’t let water molecule accelerate motion in both inside of objects and air, so ceramic heating lamp is harmless to reptilian. The reason why reptilian died when heating by ceramic heating lamp is the high heat produced by ceramic heating lamp will cause the water loss in air then the temperature fall quickly. It will cause the death of reptilian like tortoise and chameleon which lives in tropical rainforest and has high requirement to humidity. Therefore, the death of reptilian can be avoid if do not keep heating blindly and control the humility of breeding environment.



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