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Advantages and disadvantages for using stainless steel electric heating tube

Source: Author: admin Time: 2014.03.11

Stainless steel electric heating tube is heated through the internal electric resistance heating wire and through the magnesium oxide powder, and then heat the external medium. So relative to other heating methods, What are the main advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel electric heating tube

What are the advantages of Stainless steel electric heating tube ?


First, stainless steel exterior is metal pipe heating pipe ( which withstand dry, can be heated in the water, can be resistant to corrosion ) can accommodate various external environments for a wide range ;


Secondly , the internal tube is filled with the high temperature heating magnesium oxide powder insulation ,so it has insulation with safety features relative to the heating resistor ;


Third, the stainless steel tube having a high controllability, it can use different wiring for controlling and regulating the power and a high degree of automation control ;


Finally , the use of stainless steel electric heating tube is very convenient which do not need to have high expertise. in the use of some simple stainless steel electric heating tube , it only needs to connect the electricity to control on and off , so it has been widely recognized on market promotion.


What are the disadvantages of stainless steel heating pipe?


First, compared with other heating methods , due to external metal pipe, so it may have an impact on certain heat loss and heat conduction in relative directly heating methods, but with electric heating pipe technology continues to progress, the thermal efficiency of electric heating pipe will be enhanced and the impact of this is also getting smaller and smaller ;


Secondly , compared with other heating methods like resistance heating , infrared heating, the heating pipe has higher cost due to metal material , but it has advantage of relatively safe , easy installation, undamaged transportation, durable life . And contrast with other heating methods (such as induction heating , electric arc heating , fuel heating ) it has a small initial investment , accounting for a small ground , using fewer restrictions advantages etc. ;


Third , when heating water, the steel tube is easy to have a water scale, when the electric heating pipe works, the temperature of the external pipe can reach 90-120 ℃, in general, the water will begin to precipitate calcium and magnesium ions at 60 ℃, which will form water scale . Scale formation can cause a lot of problems , which will affect the water quality , so, it will affect the quality of life on domestic water use ; Moreover, the surface of the heating pipe water scale easily lead to uneven heating which may cause breakdown of the tubular body, so that the heating pipe burn . But the impact can be ceased by the high quality performance pipe. In some poor water quality areas, you can use 800 stainless steel, it can be a good solution to the problem of water scale , which can not only reduce the growth of scale but also prolong heat pipe life and reduce failure rates.



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