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Why heating element is so popular

Source: Author: admin Time: 2014.09.11

Heating element transfers electrical energy into heat energy, which is widely used in various fields as a basic heater. It can be seen anywhere in people’s daily life either in industrial field or in domestic appliance. Then why is it so popular? To sum up, it has the following advantages over other heating elements.


  1. High heat efficiency. Heating element transfers electric current into heat. Compared to other energy sources, electric energy has 50% - 95% heat efficiency while coal is 12% - 20%, liquid fuel is 20% - 40%, gas fuel is 50% - 60% and steam is 45% - 60%.
  2. Easy to operate. Heating element is easy to use. It heats only by connecting the element to the electricity.
  3. Low cost. Heating element is inexpensive. It is made of stainless steel which has good conductive performance and long lifespan. 
  4. Automatic control. Power of heating element can be controlled easily by current output so the temperature can be adjusted automatically.
  5. Low environmental requirements. Heating element doest not require much on heating environment. No oxygen is needed while heating. Heater has high density, which can heat in small space.
  6. Safe and clean while heating. No ash, oil and environmental pollution.


Based on the above advantages, metal stainless steel is widely used in various fields comparatively.




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