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Detai Band Heater,A Smart Choice

Source: Author: admin Time: 2014.10.17

Are you still confused by chosing a professional and long term supplier of heating element,choses us,Dongguan Detai Heater, make a decision and you will never regret.


Widely Appliance of Band Heater

1.Used in heating chemical materials, powder monotonous, chemical spray and other chemical production

2.Used in heating oil, heavy oil, fuel oil, oil, oil, paraffin and other hydrocarbons.

3.Used in heating industrial water, superheated steam, molten salts, nitrogen, water, gas etc. fluid.

4.Band heater can be widely used in the chemical, oil and gas, offshore wells turn, ships, mines and other explosion sites.

5.Used in machinery manufacturing, automotive, textile, food, household appliances and so on.



How to chose the size of band heater

In industry, the heating temperature and power requirements are strickly and high. Electric band heater diameter should based on the needs of electric equipment for production, as long as this, when the device is perfect talent and electric equipment linked together, can be even more useful features added thermal electric rings and equipment.


Power electric ring nor too large, floating down from the best controlled at around 3%, so that the electric lap is a maintenance of equipment is also a conservation.


 Pay attention,when you use

1.Stainless steel band heater have to do regular work, fever areas should be placed in metal customs, to prevent air burning;

2.Mica band heater humidity work not too big, but not flammable, explosive gases are present;

3.Electric copper band heater have the ground wire, the operating voltage can not exceed the rated power;

4.Storing band heater should be placed in a cool, dry environment;


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