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480v 800w electric mica band heater

Rating 800w
Terminals Plug
Dimension 70mm*100mm
Color White
Shape Round

Product Description

Product Description

Mica band heater are constructed by winding a nickel-chrome resistance ribbon around mica/ceramic insulation and encapsulated in a stainless steel sheath. It is then formed to the desired diameter for installation over a dies, barrels and nozzles.
They are available in an extensive variety of sizes and shapes with options for holes, notches and cut-outs. A number of threaded terminals, wire lead options and terminal boxes offer great flexibility for field wiring.


Specifications: 480v 800w electric mica band heater
480v 800w
Inner diameter
Plug/lead wire/terminal box
Detai mica band heater can be customized. Contact us for more information!
Detailed Images

Name: Mica barrel heater 
Brand: DETAI 
Original: China


•Heating barrels of plastic injection molding machines and extruders
•Die and die holder heating of plastic extruders and blow molding machines
•Burn-out ovens
•Heated kettles
•Fluidized beds
•Heat treating pipes
•Any application requiring heat applied to a cylindrical surface


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