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Electric Tubular Oven Heating Element

Rating 220v 3kw
Pipe Material SUS304
Diameter 8mm
Dimension 308mm*300mm
Color Black

Product Description

Product Description

Detai single- and double-ended tubular heaters lend themselves to virtually the entire range of immersion and air heating applications. They have a variety of mounting and termination options that make them ideal for industrial applications.  Detai uses high quality nickel-chrome wire to deliver an even heat distribution to the element sheath. High purity, grade A magnesium oxide is used as the internal insulation to insure the best thermal transfer and insulation resistance. A variety of electrical terminations, mounting fittings and brackets, along with the wide array of bending options, allow for easy integration into any heating system.


Product Application

1.Fish roasters

2.Microwave oven ranges

3.Hot plates 

4.Can vending machine

5.Heat accumulating heaters


7.Other appliance



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