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Immersion heater element

Flange Size 1 inch;1 1/4 inch 1 1/2 inch;2 inch
Rating 220V/3000W
Pipe Material SUS304; SUS316
Type Immersion heater
Diamenter pipe: 6.6mm to 16mm
Screw material Stainless steel 304
Resistance wire 0Cr25A15
Terminals Screw with nut
Screw stantard BSP or NPT

Product Description

Immersion heater element

DETAI manufacture a varied range of flanged immersion heater elements for direct immersion into water, oils, resins, food stuffs and many other liquids and gasses. A standard immersion heater consists of a number of robust hairpin shaped tubular heating elements welded with a flange.This type of unit gives simple, low cost installation, 100% heating efficiency generated within the solution, and minimum resistance to the circulation of solutions to be heated.





1.Water heating pipe.

2.The pipe workpiece are including SUS304,SUS316,SUS321 INCOLOY840,Incoloy800

3.Pipe Diameter are 6.6mm, 8.0mm and 10.0mm to 20mm

4.The surface load of the heating pipe is 9.8W/cm2.

The screw plug will Brass and stainless steel for choose.

Accept customizing development, When inquire please specify

(1). Type of Heater
(2). Wattage and Voltage
(3). Dia & length of the heater
(4). Drawing or Sample required for special configuration



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