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DC 48V electric water heater element

Flange Size 1.25'' BSP/NPT
Rating 48V 1500W
Pipe Material SUS304
Diamenter Pipe: 8mm to 16mm
Screw material brass
Resistance wire OCr25A15
Terminals screw with nut or Cable
Screw stantard BSP/NPT
Color white

Product Description

DC 48V electric water heater element


1.Basic specifications of electric water heater element

Material: SUS304
Pipe diameter: 8mm
Heater length: 200mm
Watt: 1500w
Volt: 48V
Flange/thread: 1.25"BSP/NPT


Any special dimensions can be customized for you! 

2.Technical datas of DC Heating Element

Power tolerance: +5%, -10%
Size tolerance: ± 3mm
Cold pressure capacity: 1500v/0.5mA/S
Hot pressure capacity: 1250v/0.5mA/S
Leakage current:

When rated voltage is used, leakage current
should not exceed 0.5mA.

Specifications Applications Features & Benefits Literature & Downloads Image

1. Versatile usage in heating up water, such as RV's, boating, surfing, camping and even emergency Hypothermia treatment.
2.These can be used to transfer waste vegetable oil into biodiesel, also for brewing and warming up liquids, etc
3. Perfect as a dump load for small wind turbines, it can be used to heat water in your water tank or hot water cylinder, also the same as to apply to solar panels.
4. These have been helping thousands of concrete mixing trucks and concrete cutting saw business for a long time!
5. These can be wired directly to solar panels with a similar output to heat the water when the sun shines.


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